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Nurse with Patient

Who We Are

Elder Care Home in Mangalore

Elder Net has professionally trained staff in Mangalore to care for the seniors for their long-term illness while solving problems like isolation by bringing all like-minded people in one roof. Elder Net is glad to share with you the facility to care of your loved ones with empathetic care and excellent healthcare.

One of a kind service in Mangalore, 24 x 7 Assisted Living for Elders and Skilled Nursing Home Care services, exclusively for Senior Citizens, under the expert care of our Care giver. Elder Net  Care Assisted Living for Senior Citizens is a state of the art residential facility for senior citizens who require some form of medical attention.

Elder Net have experienced and empathetic people to take care of your elders with high standards of care with the help of the technology which aide us to anticipate risks and assist to maintain the health records which are very essential in the socially disintegrated.

If you find it difficult to take care of your beloved ones please feel free to contact us; we can help you with keeping your loved ones in good health with the help of empathetic,helping staff and  technology which is helpful for elders .

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