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Eldernet - Kaveri Healthcare Trust ®
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Eldernet Kaveri Healthcare Trust ® Mangalore has paved the way for wellness centers for patients. Our rooms are equipped with the qualified nurses and infrastructure.

We have our own Nursing care center in Mangalore, We provide the best service in Mangalore and has the highest Google review in Mangalore.


Eldernet Kaveri Healthcare Trust ® Mangalore understand your needs and tailor services in a caring and efficient manner. The process begins with a Request for Proposal. Once you receive the basic information you need, plan your program accordingly.

Eldernet Kaveri Healthcare Trust ®  Mangalore have a range of health assessment and management programs tailored to meet client requirements in the most effective manner and at the best market cost.

Eldernet Kaveri Healthcare Trust ® Mangalore Services under a single roof.

By introducing a 24/7 corporate nurse, Eldernet Kaveri Healthcare Trust ® Mangalore facilitators help achieve prioritization with a win-win approach to all patients.

Moto of the trust

  • The motto of the trust is to establish and cater various services for Senior Citizens, Senior Citizens who need Special Care, Disabled and Patients who need Special Care:

  • To impact:

  1. Bed Side Assistant Training;

  2. Family Welfare Training;

  3. Nursing Assistant (GDA);

  4. Care Giver Specialized Training;

  5. Nursing Aids Training;

  6. Orderly Training;

  7. Home Health Aids Training Program;

And such other Training Programs as decided by the Trustees from time to time and to issue Certificate on completion of such training.

  • To establish and run Senior Citizens Care Centre, Rehabilitation Centre, Centres with Special Care.


Objects of the Trust

  • To promote and provide training for Non- Qualified Care Givers and on successful completion of the Training to issue Certificate.

  • To conduct such Training to Rural Students jointly with academic institutions which are approved by Central/ State Government, to take- up the Rural Development Projects

  • To carry on any such projects or programmes as may be prescribed by the Central/ State Government in this regard.

  • To establish and run Care Centre/ Patient Care Centres/ Senior Citizens Care Centres and to establish Centres for Palliative Care, End of Life Care and such others and to establish and run Training Centres, Diagnostic Centres, Clinics, Hospitals, Rehabilitation Centres and to establish and run Facility Centre for Senior Citizens and patient by collecting appropriate fee for the facilities provided.

  • To provide Medical Relief, Free Legal Consultation, to conduct Free Medical Camps, Free Blood Donation Camps in association with any Medical Institution, to provide free Counselling to the poor, Disabled, Senior Citizens or otherwise deserving persons.

  • To provide Accommodation and Assistance to Senior Citizens, Disabled patients suffering from permanent disabilities and diseases by collecting appropriate fee for providing facilities

  • To receive donation from any Person or Institution or appropriate Government for full filling the above mentioned Aims and objectives and to accept donations or endowments either as corpus of the trust or other general purpose.

  • To lawfully acquire by purchase/ gift or otherwise any movable or immovable property/ properties for the purpose of the trust and or to invest the trust funds in bank deposits or other lawfully permitted securities and to sell, lease or otherwise transfer any of the properties whether movable or immovable of the trust, which are not on immediate requirement for the trust and to utilize the proceeds for the proposes of the trust after taking necessary approvals as may be required under the law.

  • To carry on any Events, Programs or any other lawful activity for raising funds for the purpose of the trust and to appoint or employee any persons/firms/ company to carry on the trust and to suspend, dismiss or take other disciplinary action against any of them.

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